Organization of Experimental Technological Complex for Serial Manufacturing and Testing of Products and Semi-Products Made of Diamond-Like and Laminated Composites for Leading Branches of Mechanical Engineering

1Bilous, VА
1Voyevodin, VМ
1Strelnitskij, VYe.
1Didenko, SYu.
1Rybka, ОV
1Mazilov, ОV
1Vasyl’ev, VV
1Luchaninov, ОА
1Reshetnyak, ОМ
1Ilchenko, МІ
1Kutnij, VYe.
1Vyeryovkin, АА
1Shpagina, LО
1Borysenko, VМ
2Pshenichniy, DG
3Plisak, Yu.V
3Kuznetsov, AP
1Kharkiv Institute for Physics and Technology of NASU, National Research Center, Kharkiv
2Grace Engineering, R&P Corporation, Sumy
3Dniprotechservice, R&P Corporation, Dnipropetrovsk
Sci. innov. 2014, 10(4):5-19
Section: Research and Technical Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Language: English

An experimental technological complex has been created. It consists of the sections for coating with diamond-like nanostructured composites; for manufacturing the radio-protective and other types of laminated metal composites; and for testing the radio-protective characteristics of materials. The technological equipment and the tester of radio-protective properties have been upgraded. On the basis of the developed experimental methods the batch of diamond-like coated ring seals of large diameter and samples of Al-Pb laminated composites have been made. The radio-protective effectiveness of composites has been experimentally established to be 30—40 % higher than that of aluminum.

Keywords: accelerator and radioisotope techniques, diamond-like coating, laminated composites, vacuum-arc and vacuum rolling methods

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