Kharkiv Innovation System: Status, Challenges, and Prospects

1Bubenko, PT
2Gagauz, IB
1Gusev, VA
3Lukyanets, SP
1North-East Science Center NAS and MOS of Ukraine, Kharkiv
2Kharkiv Technologies Center of Small Business Development, Kharkiv
3Institute for Scintillation Materials of NASU, Kharkiv
Sci. innov. 2014, 10(5):65-70
Section: The World of Innovations
Language: English

The implementation of the Regional Innovation System (RIS) Project in Kharkiv has been discussed. The history of the RIS Project, its structure, composition of innovation system elements, and status of their development have been described. The factors influencing the effectiveness of developed innovation system have been identified and discussed.

Keywords: innovation infrastructure cluster, innovation potential, regional innovation system