Innovative Potential of Gas Detonation

TitleInnovative Potential of Gas Detonation
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKharlamov, Yu.A, Polonsky, LG, Balytska, NO, Klymenko, SA
Short TitleSci. innov.
SectionThe World of Innovations
Introduction. Explosive technologies are widely used in the extraction industries, in mechanical engineering for welding, hardening, etc. However, the use of solid explosives is limited, above all, by safety requirements. Therefore, the use of a safer and more convenient source of energy, gas detonation, is attracting much attention. Pressures, temperatures, and velocities in detonation waves or shock waves in gases close to them in terms of intensity, as well as the pulse nature of the influence of these factors determine a high potential of their technical and technological use.
Problem Statement. In many technical systems, deflagration modes of burning prevail. However, a more thermodynamically advantageous method of combustion and conversion of chemical energy of fuel into useful work is the detonation mode of combustion. This ensures the feasibility of development, research and wider implementation of various technologies and devices using controlled gas detonation.
Purpose. Systematization and analysis of the main trends in the development and design of detonation gas technologies and devices in Ukraine and throughout the world.
Materials and Methods. Systematization and analysis of scholarly research publications and patents on the practical application of gas detonation in various sectors of the economy.
Results. The tendencies of practical use of gas detonation in different branches of industry have been revealed and analyzed. Priority developments in the technological application of the method in mechanical engineering have been performed in Ukraine. However, in many technical areas Ukraine has fallen behind the world leaders in terms of the creation of detonation gas technologies and devices.
Conclusions. For the practical use of the potential of gas detonation, it is necessary to develop fundamentally new devices that ensure reliable, safe, and controlable generation and propagation of detonation waves in gases and sprayed fuels. Gas detonation is promising for the creation of more advanced technologies and equipment.
Keywordsbranches of engineering, combustion, detonation-gas technologies, gas detonation, material processing