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1Dmytrenko VV Agreements on Administration of Titles to Knowhow. 2019 ;15(3):62-75.
1Harkushenko OM, 2Kniaziev SI. Analysis of Economic and Mathematical Models of Information and Communication Technology Effect on the Production Output: Does the Solow Paradox Exist?. 2019 ;15(4):5-17.
1Pyatchanina TV, 1Ogorodnik AM, 2Vasilyev OV, 1Mazur MG Analysis of Patent Activity in R.E. Kavetsky Institute of Experimental Pathology, Oncology and Radiobiology of the NAS of Ukraine. 2019 ;15(3):53-61.
1Bulakh IV. Artistic and Aesthetic Formation and Evolution of Architectural and Urban Planning Space. 2019 ;15(5):57-66.
1Kulinchenko OS, 2Vainola RKh. Characteristics of the Experimental Study on Assessing the Levels of Proficiency of Student Social Activity in Conditions of Higher Education Institution. 2019 ;15(6):85-93.
1Kodynetz АO, 1Maidanyk LR Commercialization of Intellectual Property Rights as Foundation for Innovation. 2019 ;15(4):81-92.
1Zharkov IP, 1Safronov VV, 1Khodunov VO, 1Konoval VM, 1Maslov VO, 1Selivanov OV, 1Solonetsky AG, 2Strelchuk VV, 2Nikolenko AS, 2Tsykaniuk BI. Complex of Cryogenic Apparatus for Infrared Fourier Bruker Vertex 70v Spectrometer. 2019 ;15(4):69-77.
1Zakharov Yu.I 6048-6677, 1Sankov PM 0898-7992, 2Trifonov IV, 1Tkach NO, 1Toshyna LO The Content and Specific Features of Reconstructing the Residential Houses of Various Configurations. 2019 ;15(3):79-90.
1Buyak BB, 1Korsun IV, 1Matsyuk VM Contribution of Ukrainian Scientists to the Development of Technology. 2019 ;15(6):94-102.
1Yefymenko TI Coordination of Counteraction to Turmoil in the Economic Space of the Black Sea Region. 2019 ;15(5):5-20.