Development of Automated Laser Welding Technology and Equipment for Manufacturing Parts of Marine Engine Heat Exchanger

TitleDevelopment of Automated Laser Welding Technology and Equipment for Manufacturing Parts of Marine Engine Heat Exchanger
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsShelyagin, VD, Lukashenko, AG, Khaskin, VYu., Lukashenko, DA, Lukashenko, VA
Short TitleSci. innov.
SectionResearch and Technical Innovative Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Equipment for laser welding complex, which can apply to machine-building, aerospace, shipbuilding, and automobile industries, has been designed and manufactured on the basis of technique for automated laser welding of flat tubes made of copper-nickel alloys. A method for controlling the integrity of welded flat tubes has been developed. It implies the pressure tests and the search of defective sections by laser interferometry technique in automated mode. A specialized welding head has been designed and manufactured for industrial application of laser welding technique.

Keywordscopper-nickel alloys, laser welding, marine heat exchangers, pulse-modulated radiation, slitting compounds

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