Modern Level of Research, Innovation, and Patent Activities in Ukraine

TitleModern Level of Research, Innovation, and Patent Activities in Ukraine
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsFesenko, OM, Korskanov, VV, Budnyk, OP, Pogoretskii, PP
Short TitleSci. innov.
SectionThe World of Innovations
Introduction. The development of patent and innovation is impossible without a strong scientific base. That is why the R&D potential of the state is one of the main factors that reflect the level of both economic and technical level of its development. Unfortunately, the level of patent innovation in Ukraine is low, despite the strong R&D potential.
Problem statement. The efficiency of innovations, trends in nanotechnology patenting, and the level of nanotechnology development in Ukraine are mainly determined by the qualifications of Ukrainian researchers. Therefore, preserving the R&D potential of Ukraine and preventing its outflow abroad are among the most pressing problems today.
Purpose. To determine the role of R&D in the economy of Ukraine and the world, the level of publications of Ukrainian authors, the effectiveness, patent circulation, and prospects of innovations in Ukraine. To characterize the world market of nanotechnologies and the level of development of nanotechnologies in Ukraine and to provide a forecast of innovative development in Ukraine and the world.
Materials and Methods. Statistical data of R&D potential of Ukraine, number of research works in Ukraine, materials on the quantitative and qualitative level of scholarly research publications of Ukrainian authors, patent circulation, the efficiency of innovations in Ukraine for the period 2010-2017, for forecasting of innovative development in Ukraine and the world on the coming decades.
Results. The R&D potential of Ukraine, the current level of nanotechnology, innovation, and trends in their further development have been evaluated. The innovative development in Ukraine and the world until 2030 has been forecasted.
Conclusions. Ukraine has a strong R&D potential, but the level of patent and innovation activity in Ukraine is low. Against the background of the integration of Ukrainian researchers into the world community, there is a significant increase in the number of joint scholarly research publications of Ukrainian researchers with foreign colleagues.
Keywordsinnovation activity, nanotechnology, patents, research work